Can a feeder carry different types of caps?

Let’s start with 2 fundamental criteria to be considered at an early stage, when you have to choose the right feeder:

  1. The type of cap to deal with;
  2. The hourly production of your machinery.

According to these two criteria, there are some different types of feeders that can be chosen.

It may often happen that the client, months after the purchase of a production line, wants to change the type of cap, or to add something new.

Maybe they have to deal with a different product, such as a new bottle, or they have to answer to new marketing needs.

Just imagine, for example, the beer bottling process.

In this case we can have:

  • Crown caps;
  • Ring pull caps.

The classic one is the crown cap, the one that gets opened with a corkscrew; instead, the ring pull cap is having a great success in next generation bottles and it gets opened simply pulling a ring.

It may happen that the client buys a specific machinery suited to crown caps, selecting the best feeder to the transport of this type of cap.

But then, after a year, the client could introduce the production of a new bottle, which needs to be deal with a ring pull cap.

The available feeder could not have the necessary features to deal with this different type of caps.

The two caps, in fact, are very different from one another:

  • The crown cap is made of iron:
  • The ring pull cap is made of aluminum and it is more delicate, because it has a pin that easily bends;
  • They have different weights and shapes.

In short, if the feeder doesn’t have the appropriate features to deal with both types of caps, it can’t be used.

If you decide to change the type of cap,

you’ll might have to change the feeder itself.

For this reason, it is important to consider this possibility, in order to make an informed choice. You just have to ask yourself:

Which type of cap could I deal with in the future?

Only then you will be able to make the appropriate choice for your needs.

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