When we talk about ATTRACTION what is the thing that immediately comes to mind?
The physical one, for sure.

Today we speak instead of attraction IN physics, MAGNETISM:

the ability of some materials to attract other iron materials to themselves.

Our MAGNETIC ELEVATOR exploits this very phenomenon to transport CROWN CAPS (strictly in iron) on bottling lines.

This solution is the most used and dedicated for the transport of this type of cap.

But are all crown corks, apparently very similar to each other, made of iron?

With the evolution of technologies also the production of caps is changing and it happens more and more often to receive requests to transport “crown” not in iron but in aluminum.

However, when the cap is made of aluminum or other non-ferrous materials, the magnet obviously does not stick and the Magnetic Elevator becomes unusable!

…so which elevator can we use?

The crown cap we all know, is not so easy to carry and work with.

This is because of its shape similar to an “inverted crown”, hence the name.

When they tell you that a simple Mechanical Feeder is able to handle ALL types of caps, even the CROWN CAPS without changing format, it is important that you pay attention.

Many people propose a simple feeder, maybe asking for an extra as an optional to be able to transport this cap.

The elevator must have certain characteristics and the fundamental thing is that the supplier guarantees this application, without “disappearing” in case of operating problems.

If you have already found yourself in this situation, it’s time to use our “ElevatoreUnico Method”!

A continuous and direct support for all designers and sellers to help them avoid making the wrong choice!

It is up to us consultants, in fact, to advise the customer and provide him with all the information in a clear and complete way, to prevent any future problems.