Think how many buttons are pressed every day and we don’t even realize it. Business emails, texting Whats Apps to your friends, zapping to the TV in the evening to find your favourite programme.

In fact, the keys were invented specifically for this: to be pressed.

One thing, however, that absolutely must not be pressed

on a bottling line is the CAPS.

One of the heaviest problems you can have on a line is the squeezing of the caps.

This can happen if the elevator is not designed to carry that particular type of cap but…if the caps are crushed, what can be the consequences?

Obviously the deformed cap must be discarded.

When the line operator does not see any more caps arriving on the bottles, he must first understand the exact point where they are stuck and then remove them manually to continue production.

In order not to stop then the rest of the line must continue.

the production by loading the caps by hand instead of the elevator.

All this only makes me think of one thing: “A big waste of money!”

So if you’re still wondering:

“But if the elevator deforms the caps, can it block the entire production line?”

The answer is “YES!”: this kind of problem can block an entire line.

That’s why in this video we explain which questions to ask your customers in order to assess which elevator is best suited to their needs.

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