What are the parameters to consider when choosing a CAPS FEEDER?

There are two basic ones:

When we talk about type, we talk not only about its size but also about the shape and material with which a cap is built.

The hourly production of a lift should always be higher than that of your filler by about 20%, to avoid leaving the bottles that are filled without a cap.

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Two twin brothers, they appear to be practically identical.
Same hair color, same face and height, sometimes even the character is very similar.
However, only those who know them very well, can perceive the small differences, which actually make them two distinct and unique people.

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When we talk about the HEIGHT of a lift, what is meant technically?

We talk about DISCHARGE HEIGHT, that is the height from which an elevator goes to unload on another device or machinery placed downstream.

This is an issue that, at the preliminary stage, you must absolutely take into consideration, for a very important reason: to avoid problems during installation!

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Think how many buttons are pressed every day and we don’t even realize it. Business emails, texting Whats Apps to your friends, zapping to the TV in the evening to find your favourite programme.

In fact, the keys were invented specifically for this: to be pressed.

One thing, however, that absolutely must not be pressed

on a bottling line is the CAPS.

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In fashion industry accessories are essential for everyone’s look.  

With the right accessory everything gets more beautiful and charming.

Every accessory is a very important detail to complete the stylist’s work, to convey character and personality to the one who wears it.

Only someone who exactly knows your needs can give the right value to an accessory which is apparently useless, making it something unique and essential.

“Why should I consider the Caps Feeder an essential element of a bottling line?”

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