It’s 2021 and we are finally hearing more and more about everyday gestures and habits with a green value.

And that’s right, every action we take can make a difference, especially with regard to the environment.

The environment has always been one of the most discussed topics in the world, and Europe has also wanted to give an important signal.

As of 2024, tethered caps will be obligatory on beverage bottles.

Unlike traditional caps, these remain attached to the bottle even after it has been opened.

But why is it important that the caps remain TETHERED to the bottle?

No, it is not just a nice advantage for careless people, who systematically lose the cap every time they open a bottle.

The real reason that has pushed Europe towards this great change is simple: if the caps remain on the plastic bottles, they will be recycled with the bottle itself.

This is a new technology that will bring the “green heart” of many consumers closer, reduce the environmental impact of some single-use plastic products and contribute to the transition to a circular economy with innovative products and materials.

What changes will the introduction of tethered caps bring to bottling lines?

What will be the most suitable elevator to work with this new cap?

We are ready for this evolution and the first customers have already put us to the test!

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